Dear Colleagues,

It’s a great pleasure to invite you to the "3rd International Congress on Deuterium Depletion”, which is taking place in Budapest, Hungary, on 7-8 May 2015.

After the success of the two previous conferences which took place in 2010 and 2012, this third Congress wishes to give the researchers and medical practitioners another unique opportunity to get acquainted with this expanding new field of science and share their results and experience. In this frame, our goal is to provide a global and comprehensive update of the newest results and developments in the research of deuterium depletion.

Many worldwide experts have been invited to submit papers about the research of deuterium depletion in the fields of cancer research, oncotherapy, diabetes research and anti-aging and share their knowledge and experience with us.

As hosts and organizers, we shall spare no effort in making your participation scientifically rewarding and meaningful and your stay in Budapest as enjoyable as possible.

Gábor Somlyai PhD
HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development
Chair of the Scientific Committee
3rd International Congress on Deuterium Depletion